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Cemetery Prices Effective January 2015

Revision: 8/20/2015

Prices subject to change without notice


Holy Name Crypts Row Number Price Endowment Care
Sold for single Row 5 $5941 $551
use only Row 1 or 4 $6280 $551
  Row 2 or 3 ( Sold Out) $7214 $551


Holy Name Lawn Plot Type Price Endowment Care
  Inner Plot $1929 $551
  Outer Plot $2039 $551
  HNL Infant Plot $502 $336


Vilarrasa Lawn Plot Type Price Endowment Care
Restricted use for Dominican Row 1: Doaminican Laity (OPL) $2039 $551
Family member laity. Row 2: St. Jude laity $2039 $551
  (Friends & Benefactors)    
  Row 3-7: Family Members $1050 $551
  Row 4 East & West: Cremains $1323 $
  Row 2 West: Friends/Benefactors $2039 $551
  Row A1-West: OPL Cremation row $1323 $440
  Cremation Row (Unrestricted) $1323 $440


St. Catherine Plot Type Price Endowment Care
of Siena Lawn (Not Restricted, Single Use Only)    
  Single Plot Rows A,B,C,D,E,F $2536 $551
  Row G (Reserved for Dominican laity) $2039 $551
  Infant $687 $336


Our Lady of Grace Lawn Plot Type (Cremation burial plots) Price Endowment Care
  Single Use $2095 Included
  Double Use $2867 Included


Use Fee
For butial of cremated remains in an existing grave (e.g. a family plot)
or when one burial and one cremains are to be placed in a single plot.


Sales Fee Minimum charge for assistance, consultation and recoreding $89
At Need Description Burials Cremains Infant Crypts
Charges Open and Close $1365 $551 $306 $551
  Polyguaed Vault Liner $827 N/A N/A N/A
  Cremation Urn Vault $220 $220 N/A N/A
  Bronze Marker $1386 $1386 $772 N/A
  Setting Fee $200 $200 $200 $200
  Clerical Recording $16      


  Miscellaneouse /Other Price
  Incription & Vase assembly (Crypt Only) $672
  Ceramic Cameo (For Bronze Markers Only) $717
  Lasting Memorials-Bronze Raised Photos/Design $220
  Solano County Permit for burial from out-of-state $100
  Vilarrasa lawn cremations: Granite marker complete $1150
  Dominican laity white sierra granite marker complete $100
  Additional fee for Saturday/Holiday (Burial) $100
  Additional fee for Saturday/Holiday (Cemation) $600



At Need 25% Down and Balance to be paid within three monts of statement date Please Note: No marker order will be placed until account is paid in full.
Pre-Need Please Note: If Purchased at time of an at-need agreement, the pre-need portion will be 25% down and balance payable within twelve months of the purchase agreement date.
Crypts $100 Rebate Per Crypt if paid in full at time of purchase.
Time Payment: 1/3 Down; 1/3 at three months and final 1/3 to be paid on or before the eight month of purchase agreement.
Payments Check, Money Order, Cashier's Check or Cash Accepted no credit cards accepted. A late charge of 5% on any unpaid balance f cemetery charges.